Relax Kalifornia was designed from Witold’s love of fishing the Oder river. Needing an ideal lure for fast-moving rivers the Kalifornia was born. This lure was not a tacklebox lure of his, it was one of those infamous lures that he kept in his pocket and only took out on the boat in secret and always had only one and none to share. As he said, “always be prepared for everything on the water, son”.

The Kalifornia 3” features a thick, beautifully detailed head and lifelike baitfish profile which mimics a wide range of forage fish. Incredibly detailed long, slender tail section with anatomically correct dorsal and pectoral fins. Its uniquely narrowed and angled paddle tail gives it a beautiful harmonic natural kicking action in those medium to fast-moving currents.

Strona 1 z 2

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