19 Lipiec 2022

Hi, my name is Wojtek Miernik, a member and coach of The National Polish Spinning Team.


I’ve been fishing since I remember. My father said that I had caught my first fish when I was four or five.  Coarse angling was the first method I was using but it changed when I was given my first spinning equipment. I completely got into spinning and it continues till today. First years of my spinning adventure, in the early 80s, were not easy. Lack of fishing tackles, spinning reels, lines and especially spinning baits were making my angling tough. The Polish fishing market wasn’t too abundant in worldwide producers’ products. I had just several spoons and some handmade vortexes, but it was enough to pursue my passion.

Everything changed in the 90s when our market got opened for western commodity. Also, many Polish producers started to create and sell their own fishing tackles. One of those was Relax Lures, a silicone baits producer. Relax products really made a difference. New opportunities appeared in front of me and other Polish anglers. Parts of venous, which were not explored yet, started to be available with those baits. The main representative of Relax family was Kopyto - Relax own project of ripper with a characteristic massive tail. There was no angler without that bait in their tackle box in the late 90s. So was it in mine and still is there. Relax silicone baits have been accompanying me for 30 years. Through these years Relax products have been changing, evolving, developing and multiplying numbers of patterns, shapes and colours.

Now I have several boxes full of Relax baits. Of course, it’s not possible to have all models, sizes and colours so I have several favourites. The famous Kopyto is still taking the first place in the whole size scale from 1” to even 8”. From the colour palette I rather prefer natural options - white and pearl with a dark back. Sometimes a red tail can do the work. Among newer patterns I’d recommend Montana rippers. I’ve been testing it from the beginning of this season. The biggest size of this model attracts pikes very well with its intensive tail work and corp swinging. The smallest ones are an excellent choice for perch hunters. The colour catalogue also deserves attention.

A mix of two colours combined along the bait is very interesting, especially when one of them is transparent with some additives like glitter. For pike perch hunters Relax has a special line of baits called Bass. These are elongate and slim rippers from 2” to 5” offered in many coloristic versions. I use the smallest ones for perches and these bigger for zanders and pikes. They fit very well in the drop shot method as well. When we talk about the drop shot, I have to mention the lure called Oklahoma. This is a passive-type swimbait which imitates scared fish. It can also be used as a regular jig lure. The movement of this bait is mostly given by the jerks of the angler’s wrist and often provides better results than traditional swimbaits, especially in the venous under big fishing pressure. I’m sure that every angler will find what they need in Relax Lures catalogue, e.g. what really fits a particular method, water and fish species they hunt for. There must be something you can choose among plenty of Relax models and patterns.

Best wishes, Wojtek

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