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Among the Nyskiew waters with a mountainous landscape, on May 31, 2011, a close team of spinning fans and friends of Team Relax, it appeared at an international, ceremonial meeting opening the next zander season 2011.

For five days we rested on the water in the company of chatting, Belarusian songs, amazing memories of various championships and ... stick in hand.
The local team from Team Relax took care of the organization at the highest level with the president at the helm.

The supply was on Mariusz's head. The master of ceremonies provided all products necessary for water for 65 peasants. Starting from bread, through products from Intermarche's own smokehouse, and ending with limes.

He devoted himself so much that he did not appear on the first day to personally supervise the procedures in the production of smoked sausages and other meat.
Przemek with Michał and "Składak" were responsible for testing technological innovations - director, photographer and IT specialist in one person.

Professional catering and cooking service belonged to Chimney Sweeps. At the head of the three family generations of sandaczomaniaków stood Mr. Marian - the undisputed Chef.

To describe the organizational artistry in the kitchen, Chick Chimney sweepers, I will only mention that when I went the second day - on the shore waited: soup, fish soup, fresh salads, steaks, sausages, familiar black pudding with offal, pork neck, bream in brine, etc. Culinary revival took brought back by Russian lard, caviar from friends from Ukraine, and pork shank and shashlik from a friendly slaughterhouse in Tarnów.

There were also teams from Belarus, Spain, the Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine. Poland was represented by the following provinces: Dolnośląskie, Małopolskie, Mazowieckie, Dolny Śląsk, Górny Śląsk, Olsztyńskie, Łódzkie, and Wielkopolskie, who willingly participated in the improvement of culinary and sporting experiences.

On the other side of the shore, friendly carpers from Kamienna Góra were stationed. Consistency in operation and professionalism in their execution resulted in catching several double-digit carp and a very large number of breams over 60 cm.

The star of the season turned out to be an excellent team from the Polish Hockey Group from Płock, Tarnów, Łódź and Szczytno, who received the Team Relax Cup, for winning the World Vice-Premier in the ice fishing in Ukraine and previously in the US with the same title.

Incredible emotions during this exciting sport have been shared by everyone in the form of good humor, positive energy and readiness to experience more, every day from 5 am to dusk. We had the opportunity to test hundreds of designs and types of lures to catch several dozen pieces of this noble and noble fish species by different methods.

Most of the fish went back to the water, because 80% of the zander caught did not finish spawning. After consultation with a member of the Team Relax, ichthyologist Sebastian Staśkiewicz, we recognized that all zander, which has spawning colors or leaks milk or roe from them - we release into the water.
Apparently the sudden high temperature and immediately after it frosts, had to inhibit the development of eggs and part of the fish has already begun to resorb it, and some of them are still joining the belated spawning. We hope that they will succeed. We all keep our fingers crossed for young lucioperki.

Pike and large fish were also caught as by-catch.

On the first day the leader who caught the biggest meeting fish (88 cm) was Andrzej Sławiński from Świdnica (Team Relax), who received the Relaxa Cup along with other prizes.

Grzegorz Zieliński won the prize for catching the largest amount of zanders and the largest sum. Team Flamingo reel was personally handed over by members from Russia.
Additional prizes in the form of rods and Flamingo tubs, for the previous involvement in the development of world zander artistry, was received by President Witold Kowalczyk himself.

Rysiek Lange and Darek Bartczak, for the professional transfer of the secrets of the Polish spinning method to friends from Russia, received a fishing rod and a Flamingo tube and a reel.

Additional important facts include the launch of the new Wojtek boat. Along with the launching boat, he was also accompanied by Darek's companion, who deservedly got acquainted with the militant environment. The boat was also tested by Przemek with Michał (Team Relax Świdnica, Sulechów).

In addition to fishing, testing baits, tasting eastern and home-made specialties, in the spirit of tales we experienced a meeting, fully active resting at the most exciting fishing sport.

A lot to write about all logistics, organizational, culinary and integration details. The most important thing, however, is that we could all meet in one place and in the same wonderful time as the beginning of June.

We would like to thank you for the hospitality of local owners of hotels and bungalows and the Nysa Fishing Guard with a local ichthyologist for full understanding and control in a way that does not interfere with the passion of fishing.

Thanks for the Fishbowl Team for the amazing crystal gift in the hands of the president with the portraits of the meritorious.

Thanks to Sławek Czyżewski and Marian Lange for the fact that we had a place to sleep and for the organization of large-scale transport with the necessary equipment.
Another thanks to Altom from Gniezno for professional HoReCa dishes (full catering equipment), without which it would be very difficult to prepare meals in the open air for so many people.

We would like to thank all of the mentioned and unnamed participants of the meeting opening the 2011 season for their presence in spirit and body.
At the end - a special thank you for zanders, for presence.

Sebastian Staśkiewicz

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