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The perfect condition of the Extremadura reservoirs has made the bass season complete. Spill tanks maintain a high and constant level of water, which influenced the positive development of places that will surely bear fruit. Sunken trees, reeds and all kinds of structures are ideal places for fishing, giving us spectacular moments and yields. Meteorological conditions favored the majority of our fishing trips, which affected very active fish.

When it comes to behavior and activity, it should be noted that Garcia Sol's tank at the beginning of the season gave a lot of fish before spawning, but as time went on, the activity in the tank dropped, the fish became cautious and less active. However, at the time the bass was much more active on the Cijara reservoir, giving many individuals even from 2 kg to 2.5 kg. At this point, the herds of fry are very large is the fruit of good spawning, which occurred this season on the Cijara reservoir.

Once again it follows that the quality of water is very good, which is presented by the Extremadura reservoirs, among others, a great bass population, including fish of good size, as shown in the photos of Team RELAX España team members, who enjoyed good fishing days.

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