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After receiving the new bait, we were very impressed, the new line of beautiful Viper aroused our curiosity about how it will work ?, will it be salable?, What results we can expect. Each new bait before launching in a given country should be properly tested. For the first test we chose one of the most difficult dam reservoirs in Spain, the Buendia dam reservoir. RESIDENTIAL RESERVOIR BUEND

  •      Province of Castilla la Mancha
  •      The opening of 1958
  •      Area 8 194 ha
  •      The maximum depth in the current state of 40mThe occurring predators Pike, Pike-perch, Black Bass.

The structure of the bottom: sand beaches, pebble beaches, large boulders, large fallen trees flooded shrubs, large areas of the bottom overgrown with urea, flooded old Roman settlements, underwater islands ...

The day we went for the first Viper test seemed very promising, the temperature in the morning hours was 15 degrees Celsius, the wind was around 10km / h, without a cloudy sky. After launching the boat, we decided to find the right place. This place turned out to be a large bay with a very interesting structure of the bottom, the deepest place about 22 meters with a sharp shallowing at about 12 meters, on this shelf we just decided to give the first throws. Viper's test in the water and full satisfaction, very beautiful work, first of all we liked the movement of the tail combined with the work of the back. So it's time for a moment of truth, if Viper really turns out to be such a good lure as other RELAX lures. After casting about ten throws, the first very energetic take at a depth of about 12 m (not what we are accustomed to on this tank) because a very aggressive, strong impact, such as we like the most. Zininam and is the first fish, a few departures, but not very strong and then it went just like in butter. Pike is not big, but for this tank, it is not bad at all.

We angled for about 3 hours and during this time we caught about 10 pike, including 9 pieces about 1.5 kg of weight. We decided to change the place. This place turned out to be a sunken promontory, where trees with a height of 5 meters were sunk halfway. Underwater slope, very steep, reaching to a depth of 17 meters, overgrown with urea with underwater rocks. A very promising seat reservation. We start fishing, a few distant shots and again taking. My wife prunes but box, lost very gentle take. He decides to change the Viper's color to "silk" (055), the first throw and the same take but used. A few stronger moves, about a minute of the lobby and astonishment, Sandacz caught on such a large bait.

On this spot we caught 5 pike, standard weight about 1.5 kg. At 13.30 the temperature rose to 32 degrees, so we decided to rest in the shade of trees. Our rest lasted until 17.30. At this time we decided to resume the Viper test, the temperature dropped slightly, wind around 17km / h, so let's get to work. We chose a place in a small bay with a depth of 13 meters, a very rocky bottom, a large fallen tree on the bottom. After putting a few throws, the first take on Vipera in white / red head, strong departure, I was not able to maintain it and flap. He came in the catch (it is definitely a fallen tree) unfortunately, but I said goodbye to the beautiful fish and so lured bait. When I started to prepare a new set, my wife pruned a small pike, again a Viper in white, a quick hall to not lose fish in a similar way.

In this place, we spent the rest of the time and we saved 6 more pike on the account, 5 of them with a standard weight of approximately 1.5 kg.
We were angling until 21.00. Altogether, we caught 21 pike and one zander. As on the first day of tests, the result on a scale of 10 - 10. The lure is checked, the anglers are satisfied.

Greetings to all Team Spinninglocura / Team Relax Espana.

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