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This time we decided to test such a great lure as the Viper 6 "on the Cijara dam reservoir. Will the new work of RELAX be equally effective on this tank? After previous attempts, we were hopeful. And now, very briefly about this tank.


  •      Province of Extremadura
  •      The opening of 1956
  •      Area 6 556 ha
  •      Maximum depth in current condition of 65m
  •      The length of the lagoon 45 km.
  •      The predators appear: Pike, Brzna, Black Bass.
  •      Bottom structure: Sand beaches, pebble beaches, stones, large boulders, flooded trees, flooded shrubs, underwater islands, large beautiful bays.

Reservoir located 200 km from Madrid, we arrived at 6.30, the temperature was 20 degrees, fast coffee and boat launching. First of all, we decided to try one of the better spots. The drowned boulders at a depth of 15 m should be a good hideout for large pike. Dozens of throws, changes in colors and only 2 very poor unused bites, our experience did not look like taking pike. After a few minutes, everything was clear, Łukasz pruned the first fish, light departure, strong fight and?.

What else could it be that beautiful barbell groped for Viper.

After about an hour of threshing the water there were no more bites, so we decided to change the place. We went for a beautiful water pulley a few kilometers away. The shelf extends over a length of about 1km, large underwater boulders, 14 m deep with a sudden fault of 21 m. You can not refuse fishing in such a place. The sun rose very quickly, the temperature rose significantly. Fishing in such conditions begins to be very tedious (at 11.30 the temperature was 29 degrees, and it will be still warmer at 3:00 PM and we anticipate over 40 degrees). A sip of cold water to cool the body and continue fishing. After a dozen or so throws, Łukasz is lucky again, a very strong hit, a few energetic moves and a quick departure for deep water. It could only be one fish a beautiful pike. And we were not wrong after a few minutes of fighting appeared a beautiful pike, which he caught on the white Viper.

Very strong and beautifully colored pike.

After a few throws, again taking and the next pike, this time Jose trimming the pike a slight departure did not bode the giant, but most importantly, once again the predator swallowed Viper.

Until 2.30 pm, we caught several pike in this place, all of them were caught on Vipera 6 '' by the company Relax. The test was successful, here is the next pike caught by Andrzej.

The temperature increased to almost 40 degrees, we decided to look for our friend Julia, who at the same time tested Vipery on the same tank.
And there is also our Amigo Julio located his lipstick in a very nice place, very deep bay in some places overgrown with the urea it could surprise him a lot. And I was not wrong a lot. He caught a very nice pike, very beautifully colored. From his comments, the take was aggressive, with a very strong departure. Lure "Viper 6" white color with a red head.

We were fishing until 8:30 PM. In total, we caught more than 20 pike and one Barana. Days of tests, results on a scale of 10 - 10. Bait second time proven, anglers happy.

Greetings to all Team Spinninglocura / Team Relax Espana.


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