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Then paradise begins! And not just any - fishing. At least for me - pike hunters. During this period, I spend time so as to swim as often and as long as possible. This is one of the better times for big pike in my waters.

Places where in May thick dense sites of green chapels are located throughout the year are perfect places where predators live - albeit not only. After all, they are stuck among the stems and leaves of plants on their victims. What's more, this type of places is very rarely visited by anglers, and the reason is very simple - the difficulty in overfilling an overgrown place or inaccessibility.

Equipment - we fish in places where we can expect to take a big pike or a solid hook at any time. In short: Our set should be very strong. Depending on the baits used:

  • Rubber and all kinds of spinners - a stick with a minimum power of 20lb, 12-20lb braided line and a solid reel, which together with a tailored rod and rope will allow for a decisive hall of an impressive spearhead,
  • Wobblers, Jerki - here we usually use quite strong sets. Sticks up to 120g, braids with a strength of 30lb and quite solid multipliers will not be an exaggeration at all!

Let's remember the principle "The most powerful chain has the strength of its weakest link" - even safety pins, swivels or connecting wheels - it might seem like small things - can decide about our failure.


Baits - it's always hard for me to write and discuss them, because every angler has his proven models in which he believes. Nowadays, on our market, we will certainly find the lure that suits us - and above all the fish -:

  • Rubber: Relax The Hoof 4, 5 and in particular 6cala - I have caught a lot more soot on it than on any other, they are the basic lures in my arsenal. Add the 4L Hoof to the box, Ripper Shad - these are my assures, from which I always choose something that fits pike. The colors are really different: from fluo to natural, but I always start with natural ones.

Technique - stairs start here. The only rule is the lack of rules! Depending on the day, the fish live right near the bottom, in half water or just under the water. In summer, we can fish in medium density
squares of chapels - for example, rubber armed with offset hooks with a load just before the lure or making accurate throws at the border of chapels, or aiming at the eyes free of plants. In September, when the period of apostolating begins, I often use jerks and crankbaits. Then I lead them in half water or bring them to ¾

depth. In autumn, the best effects I have on the 6-inch rubber carried out by the method of precipitation, of course, not always. It's worth having two kits on the boat and for rubber, metal and wobblers, jets.

Places and their fishing - all the time I mean overgrown places. On my lakes, in September, the chaplains depart a bit and my eyes are formed. This is an excellent period for the angler - places that have not been visited by anglers all year long are finally available. Most anglers disregard such places - and very well ... more for us! First, I park the boat so that I can make throws on the border of chapels and clean water. Often bites appear here. If we thoroughly round out the whole place that interests us, then we swim a bit closer. And so over and over again - until it reaches the heart of our plant square. Then we have a lot of different
opportunities - we can make throws literally everywhere.

Throws - the accuracy of throws is the key. In such conditions, after a certain period of time, our accuracy of the throw improves to a very large extent. Even a 0.5m difference in the made projection can decide about our success. Sometimes just before the projection inside me appears a spark that tells me that in this place - free of plants - will be taking. It's a great feeling when we spot a place that is free from plants within 20cm, we will take the bait and take it. Let me put it briefly and concisely: "It is worth living for such moments".

If you have not yet tried fishing among falling chapels, be sure to try! These places are very rarely visited by anglers, which gives us a chance to meet a really great predator! Greetings to all readers and Team Relax, thank you for creating lures that catch big predators!

Photo and text: Maciej Jagodzinski "wobbler129"

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