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For some time I have been hunting for a large perch ... Last weeks brought me 30-pieces, sometimes a little bigger. On the 24th of July I appeared again on the water. As usual, I was looking for perch in the depths - on the hills, slopes and other attractive spots. They took only small perch 20-30cm of art.


I used Cloney 2 ", Twisters 1" and irreplaceable Banjo 1 ". When the sun of the taking came, it stopped ...

We did not have a companion or take it for about an hour. When we were about to run down - suddenly I have a strong and safe taking at the top of the hill - I knew at once that I was dealing with a large hunchback. A stick to 5g and a 0.14 monofilament perfectly conveyed emotions during the lobby. The fish repeatedly showed its strength leaving the boat. In the end, he lands in a landing net - a quick photo and measurement ... It is! 40 exceeded. 42cm humpback. Buzi and to the water ...

He tempted to Relax Banjo 1 "on the 5g head. Color: pearly tummy has rotten-green back. Moments later dark falls slowly, and I - happy - in the dark I come back home ...

Photo and text: Maciej Jagodzinski "wobbler129"

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