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The history of the creation of lures

Since the mid-nineties, soft lures have been the most-used lure by spinning anglers. The fashion for rubber fishing came from the United States. This is where the highest quality range of soft lures is produced. However, their coloring, shape and action (lure movement) were not always useful on Polish and European fisheries.

It took time to learn what artificial baits ("gums") are the most devious on Polish and European water bodies: lakes, rivers. Our company RELAX from Bielawa incorporated this experience into life. It did not happen by accident, because the boss Witold Kowalczyk is an excellent angler fishing for the next few years not only in Poland but also around the world.

He developed and introduced original shapes and colors of lures that revolutionized the Polish and European market to the offer of RELAX. Their effectiveness has been checked by Polish and European anglers, and some models such as the KOPYTO riper developed in 1995 by Witold Kowalczyk became a fishing hit of the 20th century, which reigns to this day.

KOPYTO RIPER fishing successes tend to say that there is no other bait in the world today. RELAX has a huge range of artificial lures and a range of colors of the highest quality that no manufacturer in the world has.

Modeling of new designs and colors takes place mainly in the open air on rivers and dam reservoirs in Poland, Europe as well as in the USA, in the country of artificial bait births, on which Witold Kowalczyk begins to think like a fish and develops new colors and shapes of rippers and twisters. The development and modeling of the perfect lures consumes a huge amount of time and attempts to develop the shape of the ripera body in 5 versions ("V") + ("OWALE") + ("LENIWE") + ("bricked") + ("SECRET VERSION" - DEVELOPED ").

An important part of the ripera is the connector between the body and the tail, which must have good parameters of length, width, height and thickness depending on the tail weight. The most time consumes the profiling of the streamlined shape of the angle, weight, thickness, height and width of the tail fins of the riperów. RELAX rubber is an extension not only of the angler's hand ... it is an extension of thoughts, imagination and the senses of the angler.

We are proud of meeting the needs of both anglers "from yesterday" and specialists with international achievements. From year to year, the most-famous family RIPERÓW in sizes and colors like KOPYTO - JANKES - SHAD - SUPER RYBKA - SHARK - CALIFORNIA - AQUA - MALOWANKI - BANJO - CLONAY, etc., also comes new models, sizes and colors TWISTERÓW - ŻAB -TUBEK - RAKÓW - KREWETEK etc.

Why are our lures the most recognized in the world?

1. RELAX artificial baits are manufactured in the highest technology of US injection molds comparable to space technologies used in NASA, which is not a secret.

2. Specialists producing baits for RELAX have 40 years of experience in this field. They are world pioneers, using their previous achievements and striving for innovative ideas.

3. The plastics from which we make RELAX baits are always of the highest quality. They are chosen from the best US chemical factories. The chemical composition of plastics used for the production of artificial baits is covered by the company's strict confidentiality. Responsible for the proportions of chemical components of the plastic is the owner of the company that controls the processes at each stage of production.

4. Components, paints, dyes and pastes for the production of RELAX baits are selected in a factory belonging to the top color factories in the USA.

5. The technology of producing any color mixtures, plastic and metallic brocades for the needs of RELAX is the work of a separate factory specializing only in
and only in the production of glitter components.

6. The choice of softness and hardness of the material used for baits destined for Poland and the European market takes place directly before production by a specialist responsible for the selection of appropriate proportions of chemical components in the company. Plasticity of the material is closely dependent on the type of bait produced. During this process, the desired bait flexibility is achieved.

7. After the finished product is made, the first quality control takes place in the USA. The second product acceptance takes place in Poland, at the RELAX headquarters. Then we are only 100% sure about our product.

8. Being a market leader in soft lures, we still want to provide our lure lovers with high quality. It is a great commitment for us. We are happy when we receive information from anglers about the fulfillment of their fishing dreams. It's nice to participate in the development of spinning angling in Poland and Europe, using the latest technologies. Our company cares about quality and assortment, because it does not deal with veins, reels, fishing rods, groundbaits, etc., because we specialize in our field. Our task is day by day, month by month developing new designs and colors of artificial baits for anglers.

Best of the best

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