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Kopyto 2,5

The 2,5” version of the Icon and living legend in soft plastic lures. Designed by the one and only Witold Kowalczyk in the early 1990’s and is the best if not one of the best swimbaits ever invented. Created through the countless hours spent on European and American waters, yellow pad sketches, precision knives, lighters, countless pounds of soft plastic and many bathtub trials the Kopyto 2,5” was created. The foundation of any anglers fishing arsenal.
Kopyto 2,5” is an fat bodied shad with a “Kopyto” style tail. The “Kopyto” style tail has 2 slots along its tail section leading to a large bulky tail.  The Lure shape delivers minimal lateral movement while diving and retrieving while letting the tail section and tail pound violently attracting all species of medium to smaller size predatory fish.
It’s well-balanced, controllable swim action & bulky tail makes this lure work powerfully with the slightest turn of the reel. Relax Kopyto 2,5” is considered to be one of the easiest and most effective lures to cast and retrieve which makes it ideal for all anglers younger and older.
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